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Knowledge Corporation (KCORP) prides itself in providing a broad range of first class, integrated services, including: ICT services covering both technology and content; knowledge services; event-related services and management consulting.

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    KCORP Integrated Services

    About KCORP Integrated Services

    Our advantage – full integration over a broad range of services

    There are many companies that offer a variety of services, but it is rare to find a company that can cover such a broad range of services in an fully integrated way, making optimal use of the synergies that exist between the various types of services. KCORP is such a company!

    KCORP prides itself in providing a broad range of first class, integrated services, including: ICT services covering both technology and content; knowledge services; event-related services; and management consulting.

    Significant synergies exist between the ICT, knowledge and event services that KCORP provides. Taking full advantage of the existing synergies associated with its integrated services, KCORP is able to efficiently deliver end-to-end solutions.

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    About ICT

    Rapid technology advancements and emerging trends make it a challenging task for businesses and organizations to keep their ICT solutions optimized while delivering new services to meet the set goals and expectations.
    KCORP ICT related services add value to your business by providing: strategy, architecture, implementation and integration services to help plan, build, improve and innovate your ICT and business solutions.
    Whether you are a start-up or an established business, KCORP is fully capable of assisting you with your ICT requirements.
    Its innovative technological solutions coupled with powerful contents allow KCORP to build a solid foundation for effective decision-making in many leading organizations regionally and internationally.
    Our expertise in diverse technology solutions, and our rich services portfolio, help our customers achieve their goals and objectives.
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    About Knowledge

    KCORP puts empowerment through knowledge at the forefront of its mission and vision
    The transformation of data into knowledge and actionable insights is a complex issue. KCORP’s accumulated experience enables it to work together with clients to build state-of-the-art knowledge-based solutions for their specific needs.
    As technological solutions have redefined how knowledge is presented and experienced, KCORP strives to provide solutions that innovatively merge powerful digital systems and best practice knowledge-based solutions according to exact client needs and requirements.
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    About Event

    Who we are

    We are a Gulf-based professional event services provider with global reach offering a broad range of comprehensive event services ranging from conceptualization and design to detailed planning and implementation to full follow-up.

    What we do

    Our mission is to perfectly structure logistics and manage communication, with a dynamic team that works with a can-do attitude and non-stop creativity. We aim to understand out clients’ needs and deliver creatively inspiring events – on time and on budget – every time. Communication is the key!

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    Management Consulting

    About Management Consulting

    KCORP offers a wide range of management consulting services, seamlessly integrated with its ICT and knowledge-based services. This integrated approach yields powerful management consulting capabilities backed up by knowledge-based best practices and innovative ICT solutions.

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