Knowledge – Related Services

KCORP puts empowerment through knowledge at the forefront of its mission and vision

The transformation of data into knowledge and actionable insights is a complex issue. KCORP’s accumulated experience enables it to work together with clients to build state-of-the-art knowledge-based solutions for their specific needs.

Merging Knowledge and Technology

As technological solutions have redefined how knowledge is presented and experienced, KCORP strives to provide solutions that innovatively merge powerful digital systems and best practice knowledge-based solutions according to exact client needs and requirements.


Knowledge Management
Knowledge interpretation as required, e.g. for trend identification, forecasting and decision support
Knowledge & data visualization (e.g. dashboards)
Knowledge integration
Knowledge dissemination and sharing through e.g. the Internet or social media
Knowledge syndication
Knowledge processing and transformation, including: analyzing, organizing, consolidating, synthesizing, integrating and updating
Knowledge localization, including:
Translation of knowledge into other languages and insertion into a specified system
Adaptation of knowledge for a specific client-defined environment
Knowledge processing for publication (as required)
Editing, typesetting, proofing & printing (as required)