Management Consulting


Solving Problems and Improving Performance

Many businesses and organizations experience problems in their day-to-day functioning. It is often not clear to these businesses and organizations what is causing the problems nor how to solve them. This is where KCORP’s Management Consulting Team can make a very positive difference through its professional knowledge and expert advice to specifically address the existing problems. This includes:

Analyzing the actual situation and diagnosing all existing problems


Suggesting optimum solutions to the existing problems and working together with the client to develop a strategy and plan to address all problems in an integrated way
Supporting the client to implement the agreed solutions, with the ultimate goal of improving performance and increasing value


Following up with the client to evaluate if the solutions have been implemented as planned and ensuring that the desired results are being accomplished.

Management consulting focus

Business - Related Consulting
Business Modeling-Organizational Structure
Business research and Analysis
Business Transformation
Business Team Building
Business project/Program Management
Best Practice Financial and Asset management
Business Knowledge Management
ICT - Related Consulting
ICT Security Management
ICT Systems Optimization
ICT Best Practices and Cutting-edge Technologies
ICT Integration & Rationalization
ICT Sourcing and Vendor Management
Process - Related Consulting
Business Process Strategy, Design and Modeling
Business Process Evaluation
Business Process Optimization
Business Process & Workflow Implementation
Business Process Re-engineering
Operation - Related Consulting
ICT Operation Management
Supplier and Supply-chain Management
Product Management
Operation Change Management
Resource management
Service Management
Customer Experience /Relation Ship Management

Management Consulting Example Competencies

Analysis of existing organizational structure, processes & data/workflow
Identification of specific organizational problems
Development of strategies to achieve specific goals set by the organization
Support in implementing identified best practice strategies
Analysis of existing organizational structure, processes & data/workflow
Identification of specific organizational problems
Definition of organizational transformation programs
Management of organizational transformation


KCORP offers a wide range of management consulting services, seamlessly integrated with its ICT and knowledge-based services. This integrated approach yields powerful management consulting capabilities backed up by knowledge-based best practices and innovative ICT solutions.

Operations management
Change management
Business advisory
Executive leadership consulting
Business process improvement & re-engineering
Business & organizational strategy, design & development
Strategic management
Human Capital management consulting
ICT consulting & outsourcing
Project & program management consulting
Marketing & sales management consulting

Organizational Innovation through Management Consulting

ICT Strategy
ICT Organization Design and Operating Model
ERP Strategy & Design
ICT Spend Optimization
Governance, Risk & Compliance
Simplification by design for ICT Transformation
Service Integration and Management
Service Modeling
Simplification by design for Business Transformation
Business Strategy & Target Operating Model Design
Business Resilience
Cost and Productivity Optimization
Product Strategy and Design
Enterprise Performance Management
Supply Chain Optimization
Customer Relationship Management
Finance Operations transformation
Change Management
HCM Technology Adoption and Excellence
HCM Business Process Optimization
HCM Target Operating Model Definition
HCM Retain, Retrain and Engage Human Capital