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  • KCORP puts empowerment through Knowledge at the forefront of its mission and vision.
  • The transformation of data into Knowledge and actionable insights is a complex issue. KCORP’s
    accumulated experience enables it to work together with clients to build state-of-the-art
    Knowledge-based solutions for their specific needs.
Merging Knowledge and Technology​

As technological solutions have redefined how Knowledge is presented and
experienced, KCORP strives to provide solutions that innovatively merge powerful
digital systems and best practice Knowledge-based solutions according to
exact client needs and requirements.

Services Overview
Knowledge Strategy Development

Working together with clients to define best – practice knowledge strategies

Knowledge & innovation  to transform  businesses

Knowledge & innovation-based transformation of business strategies, structures, processes and ICT environment

Knowledge Solution Concepts

Developing specific concepts for a required knowledge solution

Knowledge Project planning & support services

Support for clients in planning projects involving a significant knowledge component

Data Research
  • Data research & acquisition strategies
  • Data acquisition through mining and aggregation
  • Data quality control
  • Data processing, analysis & integration
  • Big data
  Bespoke Research
  • Research strategies
    • Development of customized, client-specific research strategies based on best practice approaches
  • Custom research based on specific client needs
  • Primary source research
  • Secondary source research
  Targeted Research
  • Market research across a range of sectors, including:
    • Construction and Real Estate
    • Technology
    • Heavy Machinery and Electronics
    • Agriculture, Consumer Goods
    • Tourism
    • Precious Metals & Jewelry
  • Business research across a range of focus areas including:
    • Procurement & supply chains
    • Mergers & acquisitions
    • Business development
    • Competition
  • Economic research, including:
    • Macroeconomics
    • Trade & investment
    • FDI
    • Islamic finance
Knowledge interpretation & visualization  
  • Knowledge interpretation as required, e.g. for trend identification, forecasting and decision support
  • Knowledge & data visualization (e.g. dashboards)
  • Knowledge integration
Bespoke Research
  • Knowledge processing and transformation, including: analyzing, organizing, consolidating, synthesizing, integrating and updating
  • Knowledge localization, including:
    • Translation of knowledge into other languages and insertion into a specified system
    • Adaptation of knowledge for a specific client-defined environment
Editing, typesetting & proofing for publication
  • Knowledge processing for publication (as required)
  • Editing, typesetting, proofing & printing (as required)
Knowledge dissemination & sharing
  • Knowledge dissemination and sharing through e.g. the Internet or social media
  • Knowledge syndication


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